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Plant-based, Paleo, probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, GMO, gluten-free, organic, all-natural, cleanses, detoxification, supplement, don’t supplement. Pretty confusing right? What is truly healthy and what is not? What is missing in the healthcare system that can treat your pain safely and effectively? Weekly articles explore trending topics, dig into the science, and debunk myths while giving you a sustainable approach to eliminate pain and improve your long-term health, function and vitality.

By: Jonathan Tait, D.O.

It is rare that I see  a new patient in my office that doesn’t communicate some element of frustration with the shortcomings of the current healthcare system. Seeing the positive in the negative however, the frustration often lead them to pursue other ways to improve their health. Often times, that’s how they found their way to my practice to get additional guidance on how to restore their health or function.

When I breakdown the common threads woven through each of their stories, it often came down to two elements. Whatever the disease state – pain, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure – across the board they improved dramatically when their consistency with diet and exercise improved.

Earth-shattering revelation? No.

Common sense? Absolutely.

Utilized in mainstream medicine? Almost never.

In fact, many of the stories told included a tipping point for the patient where they  were actually told by a health care provider  that “your condition is irreversible”, or “It doesn’t matter what you eat.” Ignorance at it’s best.

Yet, when they sought a different path out of sheer frustration, grasping at anything that might work when everything else had failed, it actually did work. Were they completely cured? In some cases, yes. In other cases, no, but they did make dramatic improvements, and in most of the cases in a very short amount of time. They were able to reduce or discontinue medications, find some hope, and get plugged back into a life that had been hijacked by their poor health.

I have my own story of how I found my path to “food enlightenment”, but it reads more like a novel, so I’ll save it for another day.

What I can tell you today is that I have countless stories from my own patients who changed their diet, changed their lifestyle, and changed their health tremendously. They decreased or eliminated medications, got rid of nagging pain, lost stubborn weight without even trying, slept better, decreased stress levels, and in some cases even started to reverse diseases once thought to be irreversible.

They took back control of their health by making an investment in their health. They made it a priority to eat high-quality whole foods, exercise, and find an outlet or additional help for the stress that weighs heavy upon those in a state of disease. This lifestyle became top of mind, not an afterthought. They did not wait on politicians or the insurance company’s shell game of covered benefits to decide what is “best” for them or what might be a covered benefit. They took action and were rewarded with incredible results.

I am inspired by these stories, and they refine my focus and determination as I swim against the heavy current of a failing medical system. The system seems be content paying for costly procedures and treatments that often have a limited effect, or no effect at all. The procedures and treatments are mostly ineffective because we simply waited to long to intervene. We are waiting for the individual to become sick rather than preventing sickness.

Paying for preventive care and education that can decrease the development of chronic disease, which would undoubtedly decrease the burden of providing health care for all, is not even on the agenda. You are soon to be pulled over the falls into some very turbulent waters if we aren’t able to change this way of thinking. Despite mountains of research showing the connections our diet can have on maintaining optimal health, preventing disease, and in some cases even reversing disease, this is simply not in the plans for whatever version of healthcare reform is forced upon us.

Many experts now agree that Standard American Diet (SAD), consumed by a great majority of people in this country, is the leading contributing factor to the widespread deterioration of health I unfortunately see limping into my office on a daily basis. That is truly SAD – and totally preventable through such easy interventions as paying attention to what we eat, and taking better care of our bodies.

And although every expert has slightly differing opinions on what the healthiest diet might be, the use of supplements, to consume organic or genetically modified organisms/foods (GMOs) or not, let me cut the debate down to the core and make this really, really simple.  If you get rid of the calorie rich and processed (CRAP) foods (credit to Jeff Novick, MS, RD – and integrate the highest-quality whole foods you can afford, your health will change radically for the better. You will become one of the success stories, not just another SAD story or statistic.

At the Pain Free Diet, I will be taking a lead role in delivering this new Health Care System to your doorstep, or more correctly, to your computer screen. Specifically, I will focus on dietary and lifestyle interventions to get you out of pain, and keep you out of pain. To put you back in the driver seat to manage your pain so it doesn’t manage you and your life.

We will be the resource for sustainable lifestyle interventions that you can use safely to reduce pain, regain and attain optimal health, and increase your function at any age. In a time of information overload, you will get a steady diet of the best, easily digestible,  evidence-based information available to help take back your health and get back into life.

My team of collaborating authors, researchers, health care practitioners and I are going to simplify the hard science so you can quickly put this new found knowledge into action. If you are literally sick and tired of being sick and tired, living in daily pain, and frustrated by the current medical system or the state of your health, I’m going to challenge you to stop hiding in the shadows and failures of our Sick Care System and take ownership for your own health.

Max Plank, the German theoretical physicist credited with the origin of quantum theory, was often quoted as saying “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up familiar with it”.

I am going to disagree with the Nobel Prize winning Plank. (Yes, I have the courage to challenge a Nobel Prize winner because since he can’t really argue back after his passing in 1947). We don’t have to wait for our opponents to die off, and we certainly don’t have to wait for a whole new generation to grow up with the road map to successfully navigate the current system and improve their health.

You have the freedom to make a choice. A choice that will set you free of the shackles of pain.

If your are willing to take that first step towards fixing your health, then I promise to do everything I can to guide you down the road, out of the darkening skies, and into a brighter future tomorrow.

Welcome to your new  Health Care System.

Welcome to The Pain Free Diet

Committed to you health and fitness,


Dr. Tait