Off Meds, 51 Pounds Lighter And Accomplishing Life Dreams

I can say officially that I am off all the meds. I have decided that if sharing my story will help other people improve their lives I should do so.

My blood work finally came back Friday and everything was great. Dr. xxxx gave me his blessing to stop all blood pressure cholesterol meds (which I had already done about 3 weeks ago. I also stopped the gabapentin and have not had a percocet in about 10 days. I can’t say I’m pain free but feel like I’m out of the dark, cold, depressing “pain tunnel” I was trapped in for so long.

DennisSince I began tracking things in December, my weight has gone from 226 to 175, body fat from 29% to 18.7%, BMI from 31 to 25.1, waist reduced almost 8 inches. My blood pressure is normal and I’m able to run on the elliptical and maintain a heart rate at 140-150 which feels great. I have started Pilates with Barbara ( and am amazed at the changes already.

I was able to accomplish a life long dream on Saturday by taking aerobatic flight instruction in this P-51 Mustang in which we pulled up to 5g’s during some maneuvers. I would not have even considered doing this just two or three months ago.

Someday I hope to report that I’m pain free but there are still some rough periods, Eliminating inflammatory foods, losing weight, regaining the ability to exercise all work together. There is no single miracle cure at least in my case.

Just a few months ago, I found myself struggling with how to get through a day and sometimes an hour at a time. Now I’m thinking about what I will do with the next twenty years. What a difference!

Thank you for helping me find this path!

Dennis A.
Tucson, Arizona


From Barely Walking To Pain Free In 3 Weeks

I had started to have pain in my left foot. An x-ray didn’t show much, and they told me I had a “bone problem” and maybe plantar fasciitis. I continued to have pain in the arch and side of my foot daily for 6 months. It was limiting my exercise, and I couldn’t even do my daily walking routine around a track without having pain.

After speaking with Dr. Tait, I decided to try eating a more anti-inflammatory diet, first by removing gluten from my diet. To my surprise it worked. In just about 3 weeks my pain was entirely gone.

About a week after I started my gluten free diet I ate some pizza and the next day my pain was back. I had a cheat day after three weeks and once again noticed the pain came back. Although I don’t have a gluten allergy, I plan to stay gluten free to keep my pain away.

Heidi B., R.N.
Mt. Morris, Michigan


Decreased Pain, Fat Loss, More Energy and Better Sleep

When I was finishing my master’s degree, I had a car accident. It wasn’t bad, but I had torn ligaments in my neck and suffered some lumbar injuries. That’s when my pain started at 25 years old. I did physiotherapy, which helped for the time being, but as I grew older and older, pains started to increase, more stress came to my life and I just kind of learned to live with it.

I was suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, migraines, insanely harsh monthly cramps, constipation, and constant colds… I was a mess.

When the 14-Day Pain Free Diet came out, I grabbed it. Skeptic, I started reading and digesting the content. It took me a week or two before I told myself “Ok, I have to move my butt and do this,” so I did. As of right now, I’ve been in the program for a week and a half and here are the results:

My pain has decreased substantially. It’s not gone, but at least I can do more stuff and just walking doesn’t seem the super activity anymore.

In the first week, I lost 5.4 pounds, taking me to the 150s mark.

I don’t wake up in the middle of the night as much as before, hence, I feel more rested in the morning.

I have more energy.

My skin looks softer and clear. Dark spots are gone.

My hair is shiny.

My eyes are less puffy.

I feel great.

Thanks to Dr. Tait and Nick for creating this program.

For the people out there that are thinking about doing this: Just do it. If you don’t take action, you won’t see results.

Liliana M.


“I was blown away with how simple it is to understand and apply and by the amazingly simple recipes that taste as great as they look”

I thought I knew a lot about the subject already, but I was blown away with not only the detail but also the very simple way Dr. Tait breaks down all the information so it is very simple to understand and apply.

You make it incredibly simple to jump right in and start with the amazingly simple recipes that taste as great as they look.

One of my favorite recipes that I will definitely be making more of are the raw carrot cake muffins. I made a batch and shared it with my family, friends, and girlfriend—everyone loved it, which I have included a picture of. Personally, the most helpful aspects have been the food log to really view and understand the affect the different foods have on my body. I have seen large changes in terms of trigger points after my workouts, energy levels in general, and a significant reduction in the amount of acne and eczema I have! I cannot wait to read and learn more from your next pain free product.

Thank you both by the way for all the work you two have done to spread this information and educate people on this topic, it is such a simple thing that many people don’t have an awareness of but can save so much suffering and money in the long term.


Zach Zeller


Throbbing Arthritic Knee Pain Improves In Just 4 Days

I have been in pain since my sophomore year in college.  Multiple knee surgeries in college and a job that is very physically demanding.  I had been on pain medication for years.  If you have also you know that over time, you have to take more and more.   Sometimes it gets to a point when you just can’t see a happy future.  Dr. Tait told me about his program and to be honest I thought how could changing what I eat stop my pain.  I was taking in the range of 160 pills a month.

Well, I can tell the 4th day of the diet I woke and was brushing my teeth.  Then it hit me,  I had just gotten up and walked to the bathroom where usually I force myself out of bed and it takes about 5 minutes to shake the aches and pains off.  One of my main problems was my knees hurt all the time.  I mean a constant arthritic throbbing.  Like, please Lord give me a break.

My knees don’t throb anymore and I take one quarter of the meds I was on.  That in itself makes you feel better but overall I can’t say enough.   I’m no cook and the recipes are easy and taste great.  I feel so much better!