Nick “The Nutrition Nerd” Pineault

Coming from a Communications background, Nick Pineault has always been obsessed in finding the right sources of information, and the most objective, independent and up-to-date nutritional recommendations.

After spending 6 years consuming thousands of pages worth of nutrition information just by pure passion, he decided to bring his discoveries to the world and create his first online product, “The Truth About Fat Burning Foods”.

This simple guide on making the right food choices eventually became the foundation of his work: forging his own opinion on what foods can improve health and performance – far from the too often biased studies led by the Big Aggro Business, the Food Industry or the Big Pharma.

If you ask him how he recognizes the drop of truth in this ocean of nutrition misinformation, he will tell you: that’s what I do. I’m not a lab researcher or a scientist – just a citizen looking for some justice.

He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he spends most of his time continuing his autodidact journey as a growing nutrition authority, writing and improving his health and well-being through sound nutrition and workouts.

His work has been endorsed by dozens of fitness experts, transformation coaches and nutrition authorities in the last year alone.

By partnering with Dr. Tait to create what he considers to be the simplest and most-effective anti inflammatory and pain-killing diet ever created, Nick hopes to help more people understand the dramatic effect food can have on our health, food, pain or fat storage – for the better or the worst.

You can find him on his blog at: