The Truth Will Set You Free….of Pain

By: Jonathan Tait, D.O. It is rare that I see  a new patient in my office that doesn’t communicate some element of frustration with the shortcomings of the current healthcare system. Seeing the positive in the negative however, the frustration often lead them to pursue other ways to improve their health. Often times, that’s how they […]

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About the Book

Table of Contents

Introduction—Health and Automobiles—My Journey To The Pain Free Diet

How I ended up my own patient and found my way back after typical treatments had failed

Chapter 1—The Roadmap—A Better Way To Treat Your Pain

How the current health care system is failing you, and how to navigate the road to better health

Chapter 2—Potholes in the Road—Hidden Dangers of HealthCare

The hidden “potholes” in the current “health care system” keeping you sick and in pain

Chapter 3—Turn the Ignition—The Psychology of Change

What commonly holds people back from taking the first step towards a life with less pain

Chapter 4—Service Engine Soon—Pain is the Warning Light on Your Dashboard

How to interpret the pain signals your body is sending you on a daily basis

Chapter 5—SUV-Sized Inflammation—Is Your Food Really to Blame?

What is inflammation? What foods stoke the inflammatory fire and maintain your pain?

Chapter 6—Fix-A-Flat—Are You Willing to Risk a Blowout?

Learn about the damage common over the counter (OTC) medications create in your body over time

Chapter 8—Are You Putting High Octane Fuel in Your Tank?—You Are What You Eat!

Healthy, quality food supports health and quality function. Are you making the right choices?

Chapter 9—Interpreting the Owner’s Manual—Do You Know What Food Labels Really Mean?

Food label tricks used by the food industry to make you think you are making healthy choices

Chapter 10—Why Cars Break Down—What Specific Foods Promote

The 5 food groups you must eliminate from your diet today or else remain in pain

Chapter 11—Does Your Car Look Good or Run Good?—When Healthy Foods Can Be Harmful

Not all “health” foods are healthy. Learn about the foods you must avoid to eliminate pain and maintain optimal health

Chapter 13—Hitting the Road—Living The Pain Free Lifestyle

How to successfully test the foods you eat to see if they are hurting or helping your recovery

Chapter 14—Running Your Systems Diagnostic Report—Interpreting the Warning Signals

A simple way to track the healing of your body to create the perfect balance of foods to fuel your body’s healing environment

Chapter 16—Cruise Control—Shopping Made Easy

Cruise through the grocery store aisles with some simple guidelines so you can avoid pain-triggering foods

Chapter 17—Preparing For The Trip Ahead—Where to Buy the Right Fuel and Some Tools

Discover hidden problems in your kitchen and make sure you select healthy cookware for your kitchen

Chapter 18—Reaching Your Destination—Required Supplements for Living Life Pain Free

Learn the essentials for maintaining optimal health and function of of your body

Chapter 19—The Pain Free Diet Recipes

More than 50 pain killing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert!

About the Author

Dr. Jonathan Tait logo-blu

When not researching and writing books, Dr. Tait is the President and Founder of Rejuv Medical Southwest, an integrated Functional Sports Medicine and Medical Fitness practice in Tucson, Arizona.

Rooted in safe, effective, and sustainable treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and other health ailments, the foundational treatments offered in his practice combine state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic treatments with the necessary lifestyle interventions we all must focus on to function and feel well – diet, exercise, sleep quality, stress management, and social engagement.

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